Edana is a certified, strengths-based life/work coach who will help you gain clarity and take action towards your goals  using the qualities that come most naturally to you. Her compassionate, intuitive and sometimes playful approach yields practical results. 


Receiving comments like these are why being a coach

and catalyst for change in peoples lives is my favorite thing to do.

Edana really takes the time and effort to enhance your life. She applies a keen focus to every detail necessary, making sure all the pieces are put together to make for a better path. For me, she spent much time focusing and improving my resume to make sure it reflected me the best way possible. She introduced me to my top qualities which I discovered through multiple quizzes and knowing my personal strengths helped me during my application process. My cover letters all complemented my strengths and painted the best picture of who I am. She stood by me through the entire job searching process and helped me find my dream job. I couldn’t be more thankful for her. Not only did Edana help me with my job search, but she put in the extra step to help me improve my day to day and focus on the little things in life that make me feel fuller and happy. If anyone ever feels lost, needs extra guidance, or just wants someone to help keep them organized and in track, Edana is the best person for you. She puts so much caring into her work and into her clients.

Susan K, 22 years old

Thank you once again for reviewing my resume and providing such constructive feedback. I've said this several times and I'll say it again; you've really been a tremendous help to me on my professional journey. I really wonder where I'd be mentally and in my career if I hadn't met you. I am just so grateful for your presence in my life! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to offer such detailed and constructive feedback. All your suggestions are brilliant. Oh how I wish I’d met you months ago! My career would have been in a much better place by now.

Thank you very much for providing the additional feedback. I made the necessary changes and submitted my application. I feel like a long journey has finally come to an end! Now, it's time to allow the chips to fall where they may. I feel so relieved! I can't thank you enough for being such an outstanding guide and coach.

Analise, 33 years old

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Your work with me is confidential but some of my clients like to share. Here are some of their comments:


“Every session with you I still find remarkable: I hop off the call with a new focus and a fresh outlook on something vital to my business. You are gifted in listening carefully and then helping me quickly find the answer that works for me. You have helped me overcome issues that have been distractingly challenging and, in some cases, too sensitive to discuss with anyone other than a private consultant.”

Suzanne MacDonald, CEO, Angles and Insights


"You helped me transform my volunteer orientation materials, communication pieces, and co-facilitated workshops with me. Almost two year later you are still a sounding board for my professional and personal goals. You have a real talent at looking at situations through a different lens and helping me realize my potential. When I switched roles from Volunteer Coordinator to Executive Director, you once again asked about my professional goals and offered to help me as a change consultant to achieve them. To be honest I was a little skeptical – I am not the type of person to work with a private consultant or life coach, and I was certain that I had my priorities set. But, you had been a wonderful resource for past projects, so I agreed to give it a shot. After our first session I was convinced of your methods. You encouraged me to take things “off the back burner” and take small steps to reach my goals today, instead of waiting for “the right time”. We spoke about things that I wanted for my life that I never had the courage to say out loud, and you made me believe they  weren’t impossibilities. After our three sessions my life was on track – my satisfaction in every aspect of my life had improved, and I am a fuller, more successful person because of your support. I didn’t know I needed you, but I am beyond appreciative for what you've done for me. "

Nikki Therrien, Executive Director, Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly


and more:


Bina Altera

Artist/Photographer/Graphic Designer/Creative Consultant

"You support me in staying focused, driven, intentional and aware of my next move to get me closer to my goals. You see possibilities, open doors, connect me to the right people and are always looking to elevate and expand what I have to offer. You help me see the highlights of my own skill set and bring out my personal best. You are an integral part of how I work and play, my career process and life/work balance." 

photos by Bina Altera.

Eva Katz

Cook/Recipe Developer/Food Blogger

"You've helped me out in so many different ways on my food blog. I can’t say enough good things about how fantastic you are to work with for me. For one, you do a brilliant job editing my copy. I've nicknamed you the 'evil eye'. I am always so confident when I hit the publish button that there will be no typos, spelling or grammatical mistakes. That said, your help goes way beyond copyediting. You help me synthesize my thoughts, fine-tune my message, tighten the posts and make sure the copy flows well and that I’m not being redundant (a really bad habit of mine). You also see where there are gaps in the stories and encourage me to flesh them out with more detail. You do all of this without altering my voice and tone. It’s all me, just a better me!”

photos by

Rachel Paxton

Painter/Interior Designer

You want Edana on your team! She works really well with creative people because she is creative herself. She goes the extra mile to make things happen. When I was relocating to the Boston area she helped me find a home that I could convert into an artist/live work space. In a super tight real estate market I didn’t think this was possible. The condos were all too small and too expensive. I ended up with a single family house I was able to renovate to make my vision a reality. She worked tirelessly for me with both the seller and contractors to finalize the deal. Edana has a wide range of local contacts that helped me thoughout the process. The whole first floor was converted in to my art studio, while the upstairs was opened up to create a loft-like living space.

photos by Greg Bowl

Plagued with doubt and fear about transforming my art business to meet the needs of a new larger market venue, Edana help me immensely giving me confidence and concrete help. I expanded my line of art prints and blank cards, but needed help upping the professional branding, packaging and graphic and physical presentation. She acted as my focus group, critiquing my signage, merchandise display and most importantly the copy of the artist statement which had to be condensed for the back of the blank cards, simplified for the signage and expanded for the back of the prints. Edana made it less of a "gallery" statement and more accessible for the general public, while keeping it poetic and elegant. She came up with ideas I never would have thought of and brought it all to fruition with a sophisticated look.

Naomi Raiselle

Filmmaker/Stylist/Social Activist

"It's always been a pleasure working with you including getting started now on the documentary film I've been thinking about for so long. You are an extraordinarily keen strategist, a wonderful collaborator/brainstormer and a creative editor with a consistently fine ear and eye. You have a laser sharp mind and a loving heart that makes our collaboration always exciting and productive."


Kate True


"Edana helped me through a very complicated real estate transaction in 2010, purchasing a home which needed a great deal of work. She was right there with me throughout the sometimes nerve-wracking process, and she seemed to share my enthusiasm about the potential of the house, which was not always easy to see! In addition to being a brilliant real estate agent, Edana is a true asset to the arts community of Jamaica Plain. She has many deep roots in the neighborhood, and great ideas about the marketing and promotion of creative people and their work. She has a wonderful eye for art, and all forms of visual detail, and she has a knack for connecting artists with buyers as well as home buyers with their dream homes."

paintings and photos by Kate True



William House

Music Magazine Publisher/Non-Profit Consultant

"I especially appreciate your recent work with me transitioning from a career exclusively in the music publishing business to also working in community development. Your knowledge of what makes a good presentation and how to write resumes, covers letters and thank-you notes has been a huge help. You've helped me write all three in a way that illustrated how my business and publishing skills could translate into working at a non-profit organization. It's also been great to work with you on finely editing and producing the style manual for Performer and the media kit you worked on emphasized our positioning and increased sales.”

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